Buyer’s Info


If you looking to BUY, here are some of the benefits of choosing REALTY PLUS to represent are:

  •  I have been a resident on Lake Limestone for the past 14 years.  Therefore, I know what properties are available, have extensive knowledge of the fair market value and have been marketing real estate in Falls, Leon, Limestone, Robertson and surrounding counties.
  • I will always put your interest first. I measure success by creating satisfied clients and to do that, I focus on your real estate needs.  I will assist you in negotiating a price, so that you will receive the most for your money.
  • Everyone has a different reason for looking for a home and has their own wish list of essentials that make up their ideal property. From to the number of bedrooms to location, I can help you create a comprehensive list.
  • I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, Waco Association of Realtors and Waco MLS (Multi-Listing Service)
  • Not all licensed real estate agents in Texas are the same. Only those who pledge to uphold the strict code of professional ethics established in 1913 can call themselves Texas REALTORS®. When you hire me, you can feel secure knowing you have someone on your side. Someone who will help you achieve your goals.
  • My education never ends. Laws change. Markets shift. I take courses to increase my expertise so I can better serve you in such an important transaction in your life.
  • I hold myself to a higher standard.
  • All real estate agents must follow laws. But as a REALTOR®, I also abide by a strict code of ethics. That means I have additional responsibilities to the public, and to you. You have a lot at stake in a real estate transaction. I owe it to you to be more than just an ordinary real estate agent. That’s why I am a Texas REALTOR®.
  • Despite slowdowns in some markets, housing remains a good long term investment.  Homeownership offers immediate benefits and long-term value.  You accumulate wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a shelter that you can use, improve and enjoy.
  • No two buying experiences are the same, but some people find the process of buying a home a little daunting and sometimes overwhelming.  Finding the right agent can make you a savvy consumer and improve your overall experience.  I will help you capitalize on current market opportunities and assist you in make an informed decision to get you on your path to purchase your property.

Here are some questions you might have and answers to help you…

What’s the Right Property for You? –  Since you are looking for a home or property? Before deciding which house or property to buy, think about your lifestyle, your current and anticipated housing or property needs, and your budget.  For more info check out What’s the Right Property for You

What Can You Afford?Now that you know what you’re looking for, the next step is figuring out what type of home or property you can afford. For more info check out  How Much Can You Afford

Already Have a HomeBuying a new home or property and selling an existing home or property at the same time has its own set of challenges. But with careful planning, you can ensure everything goes smoothly.  For more info check out What if You Already Have a Home

Shopping for a Home or Property – The first important step is selecting a buyer’s agent to help you find your dream home.   For more info check out Shopping for a Home or Property

Working with an AgentBuying a home or property is one of the most important decisions you will make. I will provide all the necessary help you need.  For more info check out Working with an Agent

Buying Your Home

Buying a property is a big step involving a substantial long-term financial commitment, so it requires a thorough assessment of what you can afford.

Making an OfferMaking a home or property offer isn’t a simple endeavor, but this can be accomplished with my experience and expertise to assist you in making a successful offer.  For more info check out Making a Home Or Property Purchase Offer

How Much? –  How much should I pay for that home or property?  I will assist you because there are several ways you can determine a good amount to offer.  For more info check out How Much

Lease Options – is possible in some cases.  For more info check out Lease Options

All CashIf you are planning to buy a home or property with cash, I can provide necessary information you’ll need to make your transaction a success.   For more info check out Buying Property with Cash

Closing and Beyond

InspectionHome inspection is a major step in the buying process. I can offer helpful information during this period.  For more info check out Home Inspections

InsuranceHomeowners insurance protects you against natural disasters and catastrophic events. For more info check out Home Owner’s Insurance

Timeline and PaperworkIn the home or property buying process, the closing meeting is where ownership of the home or property is officially transferred to you. I will help you to know what to expect when you close on your new home or property.  For more info check out Home or Property Buying Process

Moving InPlanning to move to your new home? I have a home moving checklist can help you make moving less stressful and more successful.  For more info check out Home Moving Check List