Thumbnail$79,900REDUCED19133 CR 371Jewett, TX 75846View Listing
Thumbnail gold bar$125,000REDUCED138 LCR 735BThornton, TX 76687View Listing
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA$129,900REDUCED478 PR 5881BJewett, TX 75846 (Lake Limestone)View Listing
Thumbnail$149,000336 LCR 829Donie, TX 75838View Listing
Lake Limestone - Affordable Waterfront Home on 2 Acres, LCR 752C, Groesbeck$150,000REDUCED189 LCR 752CGroesbeck, TX 76642 (Lake Limestone) View Listing
NewThumbnail$159,000339 LCR 750aThornton, TX 76687View Listing
New Thumbnail$165,000102 LCR 828Donie, TX 75838View Listing
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA$179,000382 PR 5832Donie, TX 75838View Listing
p.602Thumbnail$195,000REDUCED242 LCR 893Jewett, TX 75846 (Lake Limestone)View Listing
Thumbnail$210,000REDUCEDLot 10 LCR 743AThornton, TX 76687View Listing
NewThumbnail gold bar$223,000341 LCR 737Thornton, TX 76687View Listing
Lake Limestone - Waterfront Home, Summer Place, Thornton$239,500REDUCED126 LCR 743GThornton, TX 76687 (Lake Limestone) View Listing
Thumbnail$149,000UNDER CONTRACT173 LCR 755aGroesbeck, TX 76642View Listing
Thumbnail$345,000UNDER CONTRACT254 LCR 893Jewett, TX 75846View Listing
Thumbnail$159,500SOLD!347 LCR 779Groesbeck, TX 76642View Listing
Thumbnail$240,000SOLD!20449 Post Oak LoopThornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$399,000SOLD!2263 LCR 750BThornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$250,000SOLD!459 LCR 902Jewett, TX 75846View Listing
p.645Thumbnail$272,500SOLD!736 LCR 743Thornton, TX 76687View Listing
p. Thumbnail$119,000SOLD!Lot 98, LCR 908Jewett, TX 75846 (Lake Limestone)View Listing
Waterfront Home on the Main Lake - Lake Limestone, TX$272,500SOLD!736 LCR 743Thornton, TX 76687 (Lake Limestone) View Listing
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA$69,500SOLD!347 LCR 777Groesbeck, Texas 76642 (Lake Limestone) View Listing
Lake Limestone - Lakeside of home$139,000SOLD!LCR 752aGroesbeck, TX 76642View Listing