Thumbnail$315,000REDUCED 19632 Lanier Point Rd.Thornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$249,500NEW LISTINGLot 78-80 LCR 896Jewett, TX 75846View Listing
Thumbnail$309,975NEW LISTING19547 CR 377Marquez, TX 77865View Listing
Thumbnail with gold bar$324,000NEW LISTING20 Ac LCR 740AThornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$340,000NEW LISTING141 LCR 773Groesbeck, TX 76642View Listing
Thumbnail$474,000NEW LISTING138 PR 5750BThornton, TX 76687View Listing
Lake Limestone - Waterfront Home, Summer Place, Thornton$239,500126 LCR 743GThornton, TX 76687 (Lake Limestone) View Listing
Thumbnail$284,9003913 LCR 750Thornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$373,50011572 Oak Point CtThornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$345,000SOLD!254 LCR 893Jewett, TX 75846View Listing
Thumbnail$399,000SOLD!2263 LCR 750BThornton, TX 76687View Listing
Thumbnail$250,000SOLD!459 LCR 902Jewett, TX 75846View Listing
p.645Thumbnail$272,500SOLD!736 LCR 743Thornton, TX 76687View Listing
Waterfront Home on the Main Lake - Lake Limestone, TX$272,500SOLD!736 LCR 743Thornton, TX 76687 (Lake Limestone) View Listing
Thumbnail$248,000SOLD!20106 PR 3170Marquez, TX 77865View Listing
Thumbnail$259,000SOLD!2317 LCR 740Thornton, TX 76687View Listing
Lake Limestone, Waterfront Home - Summer Place - Boathouse$345,000SOLD!732 LCR 743Thornton, TX 76687View Listing