Fishing Tips

  1. Put rice grains in your fishing tackle box to absorb moisture & prevent rusty hooks.
  2. Protect your fishing reel by storing it in an old sock.
  3. To use liver:  try getting a piece of your wife’s stockings or a piece of her pantyhose (the foot portion works best) .  Insert the piece of liver in the hose tie a knot in it and thread the whole concoction on yourhook. Be sure to cut off any excess material. The hose lets the fish bite and the scent escape but does not let the water or fish steal your bait.                                                                                                                                                                                 I agree this does work best! Be sure to put your treble hook on first before tying. You can use fishing line to tie. You can also use “chicken” hearts, if you can get enough. They are tougher, and have more flavor, too.
  4. A great tip for catfish: put non iodized salt on drained chicken liver and refrigerate overnight, it toughens the liver enough to stay on the hook for hours and channel cats love it. A little garlic powder helps too
  5. When the water tempature starts getting hot, try this: as the water in your minnow bucket warms the minnows will slowly die. They need a very cool temperature to survive. Never put ice cubes in with live minnows. The chlorine in the water stays and will kill your bait. Freeze water bottles then gently place them in the bucket. Usually one will be enough

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